Church of Choppers are racing!

This is after the race in Vegas last weekend. I wish I was there.


SPIT is out!

Go here:


These are Michiganders who live it. Trust me, I used to live there. Fun before cliques. Real freedom is dropping the period correct bs and doing what YOU want. Here they are, the SPIT wads.


King of Lowbrow has a book.

Start with fundamentals.


Live it.

Love it. Not really a bikerider, but not biker shit either. I also like those dudes who trick out Road Kings with apes, stereo's and play gangsta wrap really really loud and look pissed. I think many of those dudes break stereotypes too.



Yeah! Wow! Too bad I'm not living in Michigan anymore. Grand Rapids my old town was rad, and it looks like Detroit has some cool bikeriders there too! Fuck yes. Go Blood Falcons go! This blog is cooo. Live it.